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Cleaning of Melamine

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        Melamine tableware can not be washed with steel balls. This will be the surface of the tableware shiny shampoo, will leave a lot of scratches. Because the melamine meal with ceramic texture, the surface is relatively smooth cleaning is more convenient, if it is particularly difficult to wash the dirt recommended to take detergent water soak, and then take the brush cloth can be washed, or directly with a dishwasher Cleaning.

        If the melamine tableware with a long time, the emergence of melamine bowl to absorb the pigment, grease, coffee stains and other stubborn stains will make melamine tableware yellow hair, then use the general cleaning method is not feasible, In addition to the powder, every 20 liters of 80 degrees hot water into the 180-400 grams of melamine tableware in addition to stains prepared into a solution to stir to dissolve, melamine tableware dishes into the solution, soak for 30-60 minutes Cutlery in addition to stains new, cutlery stains to remove the new dishes after the rinse with water or into the dishwasher can be cleaned. 

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