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Melamine Flatware Sets
Plastic Melamine Spoon Rest

Melamine flatware, also known as melamine tableware, is heated and pressed by melamine resin powder. Melamine flatware is used in the catering industry and children's catering industry because of its light weight, beautiful appearance, low temperature resistance and non-breaking properties.

Melamine flatware is a high molecular polymer, abbreviated as mf in english, and its monomer is formaldehyde and melamine. A 37% aqueous solution of formaldehyde was used in the reaction, and the molar ratio of the two monomers of formaldehyde and melamine was 2 to 3.

Studies have shown that with the increase of formaldehyde dosage, the amount of formaldehyde is also increased, and the reaction is easy to carry out; changing the amount of formaldehyde can produce melamine resin obtained from different methylol melamine. When the ph of the reaction system is 8.5, side reaction less, the reaction is easy to control; the temperature is high, the reaction speed is fast, and the amount of formaldehyde binding is little affected in the range of 54-80 °c.

The first step of the reaction is to form a different number of n-hydroxymethyl substituents and then further condensed into a linear resin. In general, the reaction conditions are different, and the molecular weight of the product is also different, from water-soluble to poorly water-soluble, and even insoluble and infusible solids. The melamine resin does not cure at room temperature and generally needs to be thermally cured at 130 to 150 °c. Studies have shown that a small amount of acid is added as a catalyst during curing to increase the curing rate. The cured melamine formaldehyde resin is colorless and transparent, stable in boiling water, and can even be used at a high temperature of 150 °C, and has self-extinguishing property, arc resistance and good mechanical properties.

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