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Melamine Tableware Manufacturing Process
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Production process of melamine tableware

1. Preheating procedure: use the raw material box to weigh the melamine tableware to be weighed, and put it into the high-precision wave to preheat it, so that the powdery raw material is heated into a block.

2. Plain noodle procedure: pour the preheated agglomerated raw materials into the mold, start the mechanical plain surface procedure, and pass high temperature and high pressure to form.

3. Decal procedure: Cut the varnished flower paper according to the flower shape, paste it on the plain-shaped tableware according to the requirements, the flower paper should be affixed, the decal position is moderate, the appearance is beautiful, and stick the flowers and start the mechanical printing process.

4. Golding procedure: After the product is affixed with flowers, evenly spread the light powder on the surface of the product, the light powder can not be sprinkled less, otherwise the color degree of the product will be affected, of course, it is not allowed to scatter too much. Then start the machine, under the high temperature and high pressure of the machine, solidify, the surface of the product has the general luster of porcelain.

5. Polishing procedure: After the product is produced, it needs to be polished and polished. Because the produced products have burrs, it is not conducive to the use of people's lives, and it is easy to cause damage to human hands and mouth; therefore, polishing and polishing are essential, through polishing, Polishing removes the burrs of the product, making the product look more beautiful and the edges smoother.

6. Inspection and packaging procedures: Polishing operations, enter the inspection process, strictly control the quality inspection, should have initial inspection and re-examination, pick out the unqualified products, and then into the warehouse packaging.

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