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Painted chopsticks

Beautiful but not available

Painted chopsticks are also our traditional food, respect for elegant, highly decorative, but use the chopsticks, is bad for your health. This is because the paint is high molecular organic compounds, contain toxic chemicals, such as yellow 64% of the total lead content in paint pigments, chromium content of 16.1%. When the long-term use of painted chopsticks, especially peeling paint together with the food into the stomach, enters the human body is the accumulation of toxic substances such as lead and chromium, they risk chronic poisoning occurs. Therefore, the best daily meals do not paint the chopsticks should use nontoxic and meet health standards for bamboo chopsticks or wooden chopstick; also, use chopsticks should be regularly disinfected, and replaced once every six months to avoid chopsticks become a disease of the media.

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