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Pet Food Bowls
best pet food bowl

Nowadays, in the eyes of modern people whose life tastes gradually improve, the pet food bowls are not only responsible for the food and water for the pets, but also the aesthetic taste of the owner, reflecting the owner's hobbies and tastes. Therefore, there are many aspects to be aware of the food bowls that you like to meet the needs of pets.

Ceramic material: It has fire resistance, acid and alkali resistance, oxidation resistance, good electrical insulation and easy cleaning. It will not taste when used for a long time. However, the food bowl of this material is easy to break. Since the material "ceramic" is plastic, the bowl is designed in a variety of pattern shapes. However, the headache is that the large ceramic pet food bowls are heavy and it is very difficult to clean.

Plastic material: There are many colors and the price will be relatively cheap, but the pattern of the plastic food bowl is colored with chemical materials, which are easily worn away during use. Even if the colors are not toxic, but the dogs are caught in the stomach, it will directly affect the health of the pet. So when choosing a plastic food bowl, don't look at the style first. Look at the material and smell if the food bowl has a plastic taste.

Resin material: There are more and more types and styles at present. The resin bowl is sticky and delicate, very thick and very wear-resistant. Generally, it is not afraid of pet bites. Many functional food bowls will choose resin materials. .

Stainless steel: durable and non-toxic and tasteless, but in terms of “styling”, it is not as varied as other materials. According to the quality of the steel and the thickness of the steel, the stainless steel food bowl directly affects the price of the food bowl. The biggest advantage is that it is easy to clean and disinfect.

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