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Access To The Material We Use For Melamine Dinnerware

Melamine--Full name is Melamine Resin,In its name to take its meaning a beautiful and durable utensils (as shown) in Chinese,also known as pyrimidine, imitation porcelain, plastic porcelain, is a chemical raw materials processing products, but also a popular in China, a new tableware. Scientific name is melamine resin,English name as melamine.

1.Ingredients and processes

Its raw material for the pulp by adding a variety of chemical raw materials and resin developed from the powder material preheated) after high temperature mold thermoplastic forming, and then after several processing, the flower paper and gold powder attached to the formation of the embryo body, after high temperature Mold plus a grinding process and made. After the production of the product in addition to the general appearance of ceramic and bright, but also has the characteristics of impact resistance is not broken, and acid, alkali, made of tableware, heat-resistant temperature of +120 degrees -30 degrees, and will not produce harmful The body of the toxins, whether it is for personal use or gifts of the use of plastic products can not be compared to the general product, but also because of its not easily broken characteristics, by the majority of domestic and foreign food industry and the family used.


According to Taiwan's "Evening News" reported on June 2, 2009, the melamine milk powder incident in 2008, the Taiwan authorities on a series of food for melamine detection action, but the scope is limited to food, not expanded to food containers, Will be for stores, grocery stores selling 20 pieces of melamine appliances for safety testing, found 100% are melamine melamine, Consumers Foundation called for the establishment of testing standards.

Consumers will point out that the use of infants and young children's appetite dishes, durable and printed cartoon patterns, many parents as a good choice when dining, and melamine tableware because of a beautiful, In recent years, it has become a common denomination for restaurants and snack bars. If the raw materials of the melamine tableware are poor or the pressure or the temperature is poor during the manufacturing process, the quality of the dishes will be affected, and the quality of the dishes will be poor Melamine tableware or garments loaded with hot food, it is possible to dissolve melamine or formaldehyde and other toxic substances, the human body adversely affected. So that the Consumers will be worried about the 20 random sampling of the melamine tableware, the "Japan Health Test Method" for the experiment, the results of 20 pieces of melamine dishes are melamine melamine. Consumers believe that melamine as industrial raw materials, if a large number of human ingestion will lead to poisoning, fatigue, irritability, nausea, loss of appetite, hematuria, urine reduction and other symptoms, so called the relevant units should immediately establish a food container melamine Related testing standards, the other industry should also be marked on the use of warning signs to remind consumers not to use melamine tableware for microwave heating, to avoid overheating or acidic food, to ensure food safety. Consumers will point out that melamine is not only present in food, more likely to dissolve from the container containing food, and then pollute the food under the belly, so that consumers do not know the impact of healthy eating, especially the current Taiwanese foreign food family Many, the market frequently used melamine tableware became the consumer base of the test focus.

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