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Plastic Cutlery

Commonly used tableware is made of polyethylene and polypropylene as raw materials. This is that most State health departments certified nontoxic plastic, markets sugar boxes, trays, bowls is such cold water bottles, baby bottles and other plastics. But similar to PVC and polyethylene molecule is a danger, it was discovered that a rare type of liver Hemangioma, nearly associated with regular exposure to PVC. So when you use plastic products, be sure to note what are the raw materials? When you do not have product brochures can be identified in the following ways: where a smooth to the touch, fire flammable and burns with yellow flame and the smell of paraffin wax of plastic products are nontoxic polyethylene or polypropylene. Those who feel tacky to the touch, fire retardant, burn green flame, the nose smells plastic is PVC, not for food containers. Do not choose brightly-coloured plastic tableware, detection, color plastic cutlery patterns of lead, cadmium and other heavy metals release exceeded. So choose no decorative motifs and the colorless, odorless plastic tableware.

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