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Porcelain Tableware

China used to be considered to be drug-free tableware, porcelain tableware also use poisoning reported. Some beautiful coats of porcelain tableware (glaze) containing lead, if the temperature is too low or when the fire porcelain glazed mixture does not meet the standards, it will table contain more lead. When food is in contact with contact, lead can overflow the glaze surface mixed with food. Therefore, those thorny, spotty, enamel is not uniform and even crack the ceramic product, not do the dishes. In addition most of the porcelain adhesive with high lead and patched porcelain, stop being the best tableware. When selecting porcelain tableware, to play with your index finger gently on the China beat, sounds like can produce crisp up, it shows fine porcelain embryo, burn well, if playing dumb, porcelain embryo is that porcelain is broken or poor quality.

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