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  • holiday dessert plates
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    holiday dessert plates

    Holiday dessert plates are made of high quality melamine, so these plates can be protected from breakage to reduce cleaning time and safety after food spills. They can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher, so you can maximize the...
  • white melamine bowls
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    white melamine bowls

    These lightweight and durable white melamine bowls are suitable for use in any kitchen. Each bowl has a non-slip design on the base that helps keep the food in the bowl stable. It is made from lightweight, durable melamine and has a...
  • melamine dessert bowls
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    melamine dessert bowls

    The melamine dessert bowls we produce are uniquely designed so they can give your desktop a unique look. In order to improve its durability during use, it is made of crack-resistant melamine. This material is BPA-free and...
  • soup mugs with handles
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    soup mugs with handles

    Soup mugs with handles have a variety of beautiful colors, so they look great in any season. They are suitable for French onion soup, cereals, stews, etc. Each mug has a convenient handle to enhance the safety it carries. It can be...
  • coffee serving tray
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    coffee serving tray

    This coffee serving tray made of melamine has the advantages of bump resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance. In addition, the tray is compact and has a high hardness, so it is not...
  • pasta scoop
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    pasta scoop

    The hole in the pasta scoop allows you to control the amount of pasta you want to put in boiling water when you cook pasta. It can effectively prevent you from simply putting a bunch of spaghetti into a boiling water pot to ensure...
  • decorative fruit plates
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    decorative fruit plates

    This decorative fruit plate has a large capacity, so it can hold a lot of fruit at one time. This product is easy to store because it can be stacked. It does not occupy space, but also plays the role of decorating the desktop. It has a...
  • chip and dip trays
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    chip and dip trays

    If you need to have a party and want to be as easy and stress-free as possible, then this chip and dip tray is exactly what you need. Each tray has different compartments that can be used to place dips, vegetables, fruits, chips and...
  • kids lap trays
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    kids lap trays

    The sizes of kids lap trays are suitable for long trips, on the bed, at home, on the couch or in the backyard. Made from high-strength melamine, this product is suitable for children's breakfast or activity trays. The raised sides help...
  • dog food scoops
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    dog food scoops

    This dog food scoop can eliminate the habit of overfeeding or underfeeding. It allows you to feed your dog to the specific weight of the dog. You can easily decide which dose to feed the dog. You can use this spoon to feed your dog to...
  • wonton soup spoons
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    wonton soup spoons

    This wonton soup spoon uses high-grade A5 melamine as raw material. A5 is made of 100% melamine resin. This material is non-toxic and tasteless and safe to use. This spoon is hard, durable, acid and alkali resistant, and has excellent...
  • personalized ice cream bowls
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    personalized ice cream bowls

    This personalized ice cream bowl has a thick and heavy air base. This base design makes it effective anti-slip, stable, and heat-proof. This bowl is smooth and looks like porcelain. It has a very hard material and good durability, so it...
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